My passion for birds and all animals began as a child. Growing up I had
parakeets, cockatiels, love birds, a ring neck, a nanday conure and my
favorite a green wing macaw that I have had for 24 years he calls
himself my Jackaboo bird AKA Jackquie.

At 9 years old I volunteered at Jane's Birds where I was taught how to
handle, identify, clean, feed and respect these magnificent
misunderstood little feathered people. At age 13 I started working with
raptors including the Andean condor weighing in at 25 pounds and
having a wing span of 10 feet making them the largest flying land birds.
I had the pleasure to work with various hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures,
owls and over 30 parrots for Joe Krathwohl's International Bird Show.

I have worked in various hotels caring for parrots including the
Tropicana's Wild Life Walk. I worked as a vet tech for 2 years and
missed the birds badly. I was offered a management position at Birds
And Beyond and I went back to working with the birds and for the last
15 years I have worked in various speciality bird shops specializing in
hand feeding, grooming,trick training, behavior, cleaning, educating
people and never sleeping.

These little birdie bundles of joy are worth every 2 to 4 hours of hand
feeding and diaper changes. For over 20 years I have worked for
everyone else and one day I decided "Hey I have always loved doing this"
and even though it can be hard and demanding work I want to do this
for myself for the rest of my life so here I am happy working for
myself finally. It is very rewarding watching all the baby birds grow up
they are simply amazing there is no other way to describe it. This is
more than a full time job and you can't take any time off raising birds it
takes commitment, patience and lots of love and understanding.

I am fortunate enough to love my work my promise to you is I am very
passionate about my birds they are part of our family and are looking
for their forever homes.

Eventually my main focus will be on the Hyacinth Macaw,  Buffons
Macaw, GreenWing Macaw, Blue Headed Macaw, Blue Throated Macaw
(Caninde), RedFronted Macaw and the HawkHeaded Parrot. Not only
because of my preference for these species but also to help preserve
these majestic animals from extinction.

We give each baby individual love and care. I guarantee the health of my
birds and to give you a well socialized, sweet, tame, smart, cuddly
parrot baby. I will be here for you anytime to answer any questions you
may have before and after you're baby goes home.
Nina's parrots
A Little Bit About Me!