We feed pellets seed nuts and lots of
fruits and veggies we also sprout
when the temperature is right.

Fruits and veggies are so important
My opinion is that not "ALL" species have the same dietary needs.
Everyone has a different opinion on this subject. My self I believe
that "ALL" species need a varied diet. Alternating your feed is the
key here. As for examples to the extreme would be comparing
Macaws and Amazons. Macaws need a higher fat diet with nuts
and seed where as feed and Amazon on a nut and seed based diet
and you will have an obese bird with the possibility of some major
health issues in no time.

Where you may have an Amazon on a pelleted based diet and
feeding more vegetables then fruit and seed as a treat in small
portions.  As for a Macaw you would feed more a nut/seed based
diet with access to pellets with a large variety of vegetables and

Even some of your Macaw species  have specific dietary needs for
example  Hyacinth's  need Macadamia and Palm nuts. There is
evidence that suggests protein poisoning is linked to the deaths of
many Hyacinth Macaws. The level of protein in a Hyacinth's diet
should be monitored. Foods high in protein, especially animal
protein such as meat and cheese should be avoided. Based on the
analysis of the bocaiuva and acuri palm nuts, avoid feeding foods
that are over 18 per cent protein to adult Hyacinths.