GreenCheek Conure Babies.
Normal babies are $165.00 weaned. Babies will be weaned on a variety of
foods seed, pellets,and a huge variety of fresh foods! I normally
"ALWAYS" have GreenCheek Conure babies in the house from 2 weeks
old to weaned. So contact me if interested in one of these cute little guys
and see whats available! I also on request make unrelated pairs.
GreenCheek Conure Baby pictured at 5 weeks old.
GreenCheek Conure 6 weeks.
GreenCheek Conure baby Pictures! Pictures are from day
one babies till weaned.
Aren't we just the cutest EVER!
UpDate Pictures 9/16/2008
We are out
WHO HOO! We are just messin all kinds of things UP!
Crap! We where caught...............what
who us.........such sweet little faces.